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News Clips About Prison-Based Gerrymandering in New York

2010 Census: How Should Prison Inmates Be Counted

March 20, 2010 Your News Now–how-should-prison-inmates-be-counted-/ BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — With the 2010 Census underway, you may come across the term Gerrymandering in the near future. It’s a political term that has to do with dividing election districts in a way that favors one political party based on census...

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Who Gets to Count Inmates?

Times Herald-Record March 1, 2010 Just as state and county legislative districts will be redrawn based on the 2010 census, there’s a bill in the state Legislature that would change how New York’s 58,000 state prisoners are counted. Instead of being counted as residents of the community...

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Our View: Don’t Count Prisoners with Voters

February 25, 2010 Utica Observer-Dispatch Counting prisoners as residents of a specific area for census records is one thing. But figuring those prisoners into the mix when voter representation is determined is absurd, and that needs to change. In January, it was reported that the 6,000-plus prison inmates at...

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Census Could Set Off Major Redistricting in State

February 25, 2020 Gotham Gazette Your census form will arrive in the mail around March 14 unless, of course, you live in a New York state or a federal prison, where it will be distributed by the warden and collected in a sealed envelope and sent to the Census Bureau in Washington. How that return is counted — and indeed if...

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Counting Prisoners: The Population Politics of the Census

February 24, 2010 WNYC NEW YORK, NY February 24, 2010 —If someone is behind bars in a jail far away from home, how should they be counted by the state? The controversial prisoner census issue splits largely along an urban and rural divide. New York City politicians are pushing to end the practice of counting prisoners where they’re jailed. But others...

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Legislation Would Stop ‘Prison-Based Gerrymandering’

February 24, 2010 The Post Standard Syracuse Cayuga County is the temporary home of more than 2,500 people who don’t want to live there. They live inside the state prisons in Auburn and Moravia and, as such, have little or nothing to do with county life and use few if any county services. All but a relative handful of...

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